Independent Living Skills

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In partnership with Tutors and Exams, I offer private tutoring for the AQA board GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum. 

The course is available to home schooled students, students whose school doesn't offer the course or those who are not in full time education.

I will deliver and support the whole course with the final exam taken in a controlled environment with Tutors and Exams.

Private tutoring is also available for those wanting to develop their knowledge further.

Contact me below for more information or to book a place on the course.

I also run two hour classes, helping young adults with autism develop independent living skills.

The sessions are designed to develop independence and confidence in the kitchen, to enable them to make simple and nutritious meals and snacks, that also take into consideration any specific dietary requirements.

These basic skills help to improve hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, whilst also developing self confidence and self esteem.

The sessions are tailored to each individual, it is essential that they are comfortable in their environment, and may attend with their PA.

Please feel free to email me directly for more information.

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